Sprinkles Gelato


We like to keep it casual at Sprinkles Gelato. Wear your most relaxed outfits including jeans, trainers and t-shirts. We are a fun place so casual attire not stuffy office attire.  

Please mention at the time of ordering if you have any food allergies/intolerances. Full allergen information for our dishes is available upon request from any member of staff.

Sprinkles Gelato have a small request to all diners – ‘It is not permitted to bring any food or drinks from outside’.

Sprinkles Gelato do not accept any liability for the loss or damage to your personal belongings while dining in with us.

Users who post profanities, defamatory or liable comments will have their comments deleted from our social media and digital marketing platforms, and the user in question may be banned from making any further posts to our social media pages or digital marketing platforms. Should these comments be posted on any review platform, the review will be reported to the relevant body.

Sprinkles Gelato are offering this guest wireless Internet service (the “Service”) according to the Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy (the “Policy”) as a free service to its visitors for the duration of their visit. The Provider do not guarantee the Service or specific rates of speed. The Provider also have no control over information obtained through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content or accuracy. Use of the service is subject to the user’s own risk. The Provider reserves the right to remove, block, filter, or restrict by any other means any material that, in its sole discretion, may be illegal, be subject to liability, or may violate this Policy. The Provider may cooperate with legal authorities and/or third parties in the investigation of any suspected or alleged crime or civil wrong. Violations of this Policy may result in the suspension or termination of access to the Service or other resources, or other actions as detailed below: Users understand that wireless Internet access is inherently not secure, and users should adopt appropriate security measures when using the Service. We highly discourage users from conducting confidential transactions (such as online banking, credit card transactions, etc.) over any wireless network, including this Service. Users are responsible for the security of their own devices.

Sprinkles Gelato have a strict policy regarding theft. We have CCTV in operation 24/7. Anyone committing theft will face prosecution and will be banned from Sprinkles Gelato venues.

If you experience a reason for complaint during your visit, in the first instance we would request you to raise this with a member of our staff at the time of complaint, this gives us opportunity to deal with it immediately in-house. If they or a member of management are unable to resolve the issue, you will be required to submit a formal complaint in writing to
Sprinkles Gelato Franchise Ltd, 164-168 Portswood Road, Southampton, SO17 2NJ.

Once a formal complaint has been received, it will be fully investigated by the management team of the restaurant you visited, this may include reviewing on-site CCTV footage if we need to. Our aim is to fully respond to all formal complaints within 14 working days, however, if further information or evidence is required to complete the investigation, it may take longer.  We will address all complaints.If you choose to publish your complaint on any public platforms including Social Media platforms, prior to raising it with us in-house or it being responded to within the given time frame, we as a business reserve the right to cease the investigation of your complaint and this may result in not receiving a response from us. If you decide to contact an external body regarding your complaint, such as The Health & Safety Executive (HSE), Doctor, Police, Solicitors etc., our further correspondence will be directly with the relevant external body. SPRINKLES GELATO VENUES OPERATES A STRICT NO DRUGS POLICY, NO SMOKING INSIDE THE RESTAURANT, INCLUDING THE USE OF E-CIGARETTES.

If you have any questions please contact us.